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Beau Johnson's List Collection - Celebrity Quotes

Celebrity Quotes

Insight from some of the world's most important people.

“Anyone can have an *idea*, but it takes a special someone to have a *vision*. What most people don’t realize though, is that a vision is actually just a lot of ideas combined into one.”
—Steve Jobs (former owner of Apple Computers Inc)

“I had to start somewhere. So I started keeping a written record of even my most wild craft ideas.”
—Martha Stewart (chef and owner of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia)

“Kids often ask me, ‘How did you get so good?’. My response? Practice. A lot of it.”
—Michael Jordan (former professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls NBA Franchise)

“People always ask me if I gamble. How on Earth do they think I got all this stuff?!”
—Steve Wynn (owner of Wynn Casino and Bar)

“A lot of people think of the word ‘movie’ and think ‘Hmm, okay, that means a motion picture that tells a story, maybe has some music in it.’ And me? When I think of ‘movie’, my definition is ‘Anything made by Steven Spielberg.’”
—Steven Spielberg (Hollywood producer and director)

“I’ve gotten a lot of flak in my career for accepting a sponsorship from GoDaddy. It doesn’t bother me though — I chose them because they provide the fastest server bandwidth in the same way that I strive to be the fastest while I’m racing... whether in the car or on foot!”
—Danica Patrick (Nascar driving pro)

“So what if people say I’m rude? I really don’t fucking care!!”
—John “Johnny Rotten” Joseph Lydon (musician and founder of Punk Rock music movement)

“The Broadway stage has an edge, but the landscape of the mind is infinite.”
—Andrew Lloyd Webber (musical composer)

“It’s all about ATTITUDE, ladies and gentlemen...”
—Johnny Carson (former television personality)

“Every slalom flag is just another obstacle in my life which I must strive to be on the correct side of.”
—Lindsey Vonn (downhill skiing enthusiast)

Published February 1st, 2016
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