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Beau Johnson's List Collection - Dish Scores

Dish Scores

Sometimes when you're washing dishes, you calculate your progress based on how many items you've washed. This "progress" is totally false. I've created this table that provides a 'score' for each kind of item washed. After you're done cleaning, you can total you score to find out how much dish-progress you actually made. You should print out this table and place it somewhere in your kitchen. If you have roommates, they will no longer be able to claim that they are helping out by washing 10 butter knives (that's like washing just one wire whisk!). If you own a dishwasher, you can try to maximize its efficiency.

Butter Knife5
Fork 10
Spoon 10
Shot Glass 10
Egg Holder 12
Saucer 15
Wooden Spoon 20
Small Plate (8") 30
Large Plate (11") 40
Small Bowl (8") 35
Cup 40
Large Bowl (11") 45
Spatula 45
Large Cup 50
Medium Cutting Board 75
Wire Whisk 100
Small Pan 200
Small Pot 200
Large Pan 400
Large Pot 400
Cookie Sheet (w/ melted cheese baked on) 600
French Press 650
Iron Skillet (w/ what used to be food burned onto it) 700
Garlic Press 1000


Published July 9th, 2011
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