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Beau Johnson's List Collection - Japanese Lyrics

Japanese Lyrics

by Very Beautiful Crony

Oh god I’m a mom again.
Mountains of the gray sky
Sudoku Company
Oh god I’m on the sand!
Get down on the mazeltov
Darker than a caterpillar
The blood of a human
Shitty Mazerati
How he gets the salsa ashore

Shook around the coaster
Chichi Koala
The Bunny, et al.
You can ask him
Issue my whole door
School at the Mall
Sue my baby
The Marionette
A koala is good

On a dark casino
Come wide eyed
Neighbor in the hall tonight
Satin drawer across it
Cruel you move away
How bad can you go?
Now he’s police
He’s a mix of two Hawaiis
A shadow not today

Two men are out playing
Nocturnal Ballroom
He’s granted your lunar map today
You can’t sue me
For me and your needs
He turned out okay
Silently she knows
Bold today
Thoughts are falling over me
Ghoulish he knew

Glaring pantry wound
Celery heathen though
Cotton glee nobody knows of wood
How about here I go
Could be, he said
Corridor niche of modern
With a silent “A”
Cutting corners in the hallway
Equal then I’ll see

Published June 16th, 2016
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