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Movie Ideas

Hindsight is 720
A film about a professional skateboarder who executes a '540' during a best trick competition, only to receive second place. The majority of the film explores his regret of not trying a 720 instead, which might have secured a first place standing.

SimCity the Movie
This movie is about a young child who receives a copy of the original Sim City in 1989. When he opens the box, he is bestowed with an ability to influence real world civic development by controlling it through the game. There are many references to the various iterations of the franchise in it.

From Dreidel to Grave
This is a horror movie about a young jewish girl whose first toy is an enchanted dreidel. When she spins it, the strange characters written on the side of it light up and randomly bankrupt a member of her community. Many of the community members die of starvation thereafter.

It is What it Was
This film is about a middle-aged man who wishes one night that things would go back to the way they were before; before he lost his job and his wife left him. After his wish is granted, he finds himself happy, and more appreciative of his life. However, he also becomes frustrated at times due to minor technological regressions that he hadn't anticipated.

Curiosity Killed the Cop
This film is about a cop who gets a little too interested in an investigation and ends up dying because of it. The mystery of his death spreads throughout the precinct, and many other fellow officers suffer the same fate while trying to solve it.

Elvis Has Re-Entered the Building
This is a family movie about a fictional history where Elvis is resuscitated shortly after being found dead. The film explores Elvis' probable impact on posthumous cultural phenomenons such as extreme sports and massive multiplayer online games.

As the Flow Cries
A drama about a boy who is abandoned by his family shortly after being diagnosed with dyslexia.

Television Movie
This is a conceptual film which portrays a television playing a movie on it. The actual movie within the television is unimportant, but at the end of it, the camera zooms out and shows an audience watching a film screen portraying the television. The audience applauds a great deal.

Published April 13th, 2015
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