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Beau Johnson's List Collection - Popular Corporate Slogans

Popular Corporate Slogans

Nike – Do something.

Maybelline – Maybe she was born with it, but it is more likely that she is using Maybelline products.

McDonalds – I like this.

Burger King – Have it the way that you want.

Taco Bell – Run towards the edge of your county line.

Taco Bell (alternate) – Don't only think of hamburgers and sandwiches.

Apple – Think another way than what you are used to.

Fosters – Our brand name can be used as a term for 'beer' in Australia.

MasterCard – There are certain items that you aren't able to purchase (because they don't have a monetary value), but for the ones that you are able to purchase, you can probably use a credit card provided by MasterCard.

Kix Cereal – Kids like it and their moms allow them to eat it.

Snickers – Are you hungry? Eat a snickers candy bar.

Ford – Vehicles that are built strong, like our brand.

Butterfinger – No one should touch my butterfinger candybar.

Published August 16th, 2011
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