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Movie Subtitle Reviews


An animal runs free.

The reader is left wondering: “What kind of animal? Free from what?” and will therefore go see the movie in order to find out.

idea rating: ***** (3/5)


Words cannot describe.

The reader will be like: “I already know this.” They will probably not go to see the movie.

idea rating: ***** (1/5)


This IS the subtitle!

The reader will like this. It’s funny, like the movie it was created for. They will definitely see the movie.

idea rating: ***** (5/5)


Move over, grandma!

This will appeal to young readers. Older generations will be either:
a) offended, or,
b) regretful that they ever felt that way about their own grandma.

Young people will want to see this film, but it is unlikely that their parents will provide the means for doing so. Sales will be poor.

idea rating: ***** (1/5)


When doing good means being bad.

This will definitely have readers doing a “double–take” (and seeing a double–feature if you’re lucky!). It will appeal mostly to intellectuals and those in touch with spirituality. Some will not understand it, but those who do will definitely see the film. They may even do so twice in order to understand underlying themes and hidden messages.

idea rating: ***** (4/5)


Well... look what we have here.

This speaks directly to the viewer and promotes an immediate discourse. The reader understands that, in order to respond, he or she must see the film. Most readers will probably see the film.

idea rating: ***** (4/5)


Comign soon.

Most readers will recognize the error here and conclude that going to see this film is a bargain, since money was clearly saved on advertising. This is incorrect though; the movie is the same price as any other. However, once the reader is at the box office, it is unlikely that they will back out of the transaction. Non–native English speakers will doubtfully recognize the mistake and will ignore the film. Some people will go see this film.

idea rating: ***** (3/5)


Steal this movie.

This will appeal to adolescents and those who work in the technology industry. The movie will be downloaded illegally millions of times, but no one will ever watch it.

idea rating: ***** (0/5)


Published March 27th, 2013
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