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Beau Johnson's List Collection - Believe It - Ten things you may already know.

Believe It – Ten Things You May Already Know

• Beggars cannot be choosers, because it is impossible to be two things at once.

• ‘Contemporary’ is an alternate word for ‘amateur’.

• In the restaurant world, “Take it home” is an idiom for finishing all of your food before you leave.

• There is a place in this world that was once good, and is now bad.

• Every bootleg item you’ve ever seen was actually created by the original manufacturer.

• If you are ever unsatisfied with anything, there is someone directly responsible. (the president/leader of your country)

• If a city’s automobile traffic fails to meet acceptable performance, the mayor of that city must go to jail.

• All wine connoisseurs are frauds.

• If a credit card gets too close to a powerful electromagnet, all of the money will be erased from it.

• The two-dimensional barcodes that you have to take a picture of with your phone and then upload through a piece of software that then forwards you to a URL was originally created as a practical joke.

Published September 6th, 2011
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